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What is Insulin Resistance?

Something you’ve probably heard in your research on PCOS is that many women with PCOS are also Insulin Resistant or IR. As someone who has been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 17, IR is not something new to me, in fact, I have struggled with severe weight fluctuations my whole life. When I wasContinue reading “What is Insulin Resistance?”

Does Seed Cycling Help PCOS?

First of all, what is seed cycling? It is an alternative medicine practice that is intended to regulate hormones by introducing specific seeds to your diet at intentional times in your cycle. To fully understand what seed cycling is and what the intended result would be for women with PCOS, we must first understand howContinue reading “Does Seed Cycling Help PCOS?”

Fertility Smoothie S/S Cycle

For those of you who have been following… I switched my seed cycle with the full moon on Sunday. Now I will be taking out the flax and pumpkin seeds and replacing them in my morning fertility smoothie with sunflower and sesame seeds. I also chose to take out the pineapple sage and replace itContinue reading “Fertility Smoothie S/S Cycle”

Fertility Smoothie F/P Cycle

One of the things I have been doing to help boost my fertility chances and to mitigate some of my PCOS side effects is to make fertility smoothies! Because of adding seed cycling to my monthly routine, it’s important to know which part of the cycle you are in so you can add those seedsContinue reading “Fertility Smoothie F/P Cycle”