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What is Insulin Resistance?

Something you’ve probably heard in your research on PCOS is that many women with PCOS are also Insulin Resistant or IR. As someone who has been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 17, IR is not something new to me, in fact, I have struggled with severe weight fluctuations my whole life. When I wasContinue reading “What is Insulin Resistance?”

How To Reset After a Long Weekend

My sister’s baby shower was this past weekend, which means lots of emotions and plenty of junk food. I rarely get to see her anymore since she is a marine currently stationed in Beaufort, SC. When she comes into town, we like to try to visit our old haunts if we have time, but atContinue reading “How To Reset After a Long Weekend”

Five Things Women With PCOS Need to Stop Doing Right Now

1. Stop consuming inflammatory foods ASAP Dairy has proven to be a highly inflammatory food for women with PCOS. Since PCOS roots itself in causing havoc on our bodies beginning with the gut microbiota, it might be an easy solution to reduce some of the inflammation experienced with PCOS by avoiding dairy products (1). ThisContinue reading “Five Things Women With PCOS Need to Stop Doing Right Now”

Insulin Resistance and Inositol

You might have heard the PCOS buzzword, “Inositol,” in your recent research regarding PCOS. What is it? What does it do? Could it actually help you? The answer is – it might! When I was looking into natural alternatives for Metformin, I came across this research study on the effect of the “inositols” on PCOS.Continue reading “Insulin Resistance and Inositol”

Four Types of PCOS

As I have been scrolling the Facebook groups that I am in regarding fertility and PCOS, I have been realizing that a lot of women are in the same place I was in for so long! For years i thought PCOS was a condition that presents the same in everyone. I feel that this isContinue reading “Four Types of PCOS”

Diagnosed with PCOS: Now What?

In case no one has formally greeted you yet, welcome to the PCOS club! Right now you might be feeling nervous, anxious, confused, bitter, or maybe even angry. All of those emotions are perfectly normal and I think most women carrying a PCOS diagnosis have felt them at some point in their journey. Maybe someContinue reading “Diagnosed with PCOS: Now What?”

Fertility Smoothie S/S Cycle

For those of you who have been following… I switched my seed cycle with the full moon on Sunday. Now I will be taking out the flax and pumpkin seeds and replacing them in my morning fertility smoothie with sunflower and sesame seeds. I also chose to take out the pineapple sage and replace itContinue reading “Fertility Smoothie S/S Cycle”

Fertility Smoothie F/P Cycle

One of the things I have been doing to help boost my fertility chances and to mitigate some of my PCOS side effects is to make fertility smoothies! Because of adding seed cycling to my monthly routine, it’s important to know which part of the cycle you are in so you can add those seedsContinue reading “Fertility Smoothie F/P Cycle”