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What is Insulin Resistance?

Something you’ve probably heard in your research on PCOS is that many women with PCOS are also Insulin Resistant or IR. As someone who has been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 17, IR is not something new to me, in fact, I have struggled with severe weight fluctuations my whole life. When I wasContinue reading “What is Insulin Resistance?”

Chlorophyll and PCOS – What’s The Hype?

You’ve probably seen it on TikTok and social media like crazy… Chlorophyll Water. What is it anyway? Years ago when my mom and I were under the care of a holistic medicine doctor, she had us drinking it before it was cool to do. However, back then, I was only 17 and really couldn’t getContinue reading “Chlorophyll and PCOS – What’s The Hype?”

Four Types of PCOS

As I have been scrolling the Facebook groups that I am in regarding fertility and PCOS, I have been realizing that a lot of women are in the same place I was in for so long! For years i thought PCOS was a condition that presents the same in everyone. I feel that this isContinue reading “Four Types of PCOS”