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The Fear of Failure: Making Change Work for You

So the strangest thing happened this week. Well, for me it’s strange because I am so used to killing plants! To give a little back story, my husband is very gifted with caring for plants and loves his house plants. Last year during the pandemic, I decided to get in on the fun and start propagating some plants that were nice, but sparse – our snake plant being one of them.

I left the cutting in the water of our south facing window for probably 3 months before I started to notice little roots sprouting out of the bottom. I planted it in a pretty bohemian pot about two weeks later and returned it to our plant room – which also has south facing windows – to start growing on it’s own with all of our other plants.

Fast forward a year to about two weeks ago. I decided to redecorate our first floor living space which includes the living and dining rooms. In doing this, I chose a Bohemian Jungle Theme to try and bring a little more of my husband’s style into the rest of our home beyond the yard and the plant room. I must admit, i initially chose to move the snake plant propagation from the plant room purely because the pot it’s in would fit perfectly in my dining room, figuring if the plant didn’t grow, I could toss it in a couple of weeks and replace it with a new plant. It turns out it had a surprise for me!

When I was watering my plants this week, it sprouted a little baby shoot towards the side of the pot! After a whole year of doing absolutely NOTHING, I was sure it was dead. All along, it just needed to be moved to a new room with a North Facing window and better light for the type of plant it is. In the last two days, the shoot has nearly doubled in size each day. I truly can’t believe it!

This got me thinking though… all it took to thrive was for me to move it to a different window. How true this can be for us as well. We are often told the old adage, “Bloom where you are planted,” in effort to help us appreciate and be content with what we have. But what if we would thrive if we moved? What if we have been stagnant in the place, situation, and circumstance we are in? I’m not saying you should uproot your entire life and make a change, but what if some changes would help you to thrive? It might be as simple as waking up a half hour earlier to take a walk or write in your journal. It could be saying yes to having your mom take the kids for the day so you can lay in your bed and get a shower in peace. It could be choosing to find joy even while you are going through uncertain times.

For years I was scared of change, and it really still creeps up in the back of my mind sometimes when I am facing a new situation. But all of the time I have spent on healing every aspect of myself over the past 12 months would be doing me no justice if I chose to remain paralyzed by the fear of change.

There’s a certain level of boldness that is needed to make the choice to thrive after a change. It requires you to eliminate the fear of potential failure and have blind faith that the change will be for the better in the long run.

Don’t let the fear of change keep you from potentially changing your life for the better!

“What if I fall? But oh darling, what if you fly?!”


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