Why You NEED To Dig Into Your Epigenetics Tonight

Have you ever taken the time to think about how the trauma that your family has experienced over the generations might be related to the health concerns that you have? Did you know that generational trauma can be passed down to you through DNA?

What is Epigenetics?

Over the past month or so, I have been listening to the book, “It Didn’t Start With You,” by Mark Woylnn. Since beginning the inner work that comes with listening to this book, and really, truly digging deep in order to release generational trauma, I have really been achieving some personal breakthroughs and growth. In digging through our familial history, I have been able to release my inherent fears which are really personal to myself and my family, so I won’t post about it online, but if you ever want to talk about Epigenetics and how resolving generational trauma can help to balance your life, please send me a DM or an email and I would be more than happy to speak with you more specifically on things.

More on Epigenetics from Medlineplus.gov:

Epigenetics is the study of how cells control gene activity without changing the DNA sequence.”Epi-“means on or above in Greek,and “epigenetic”describes factors beyond the genetic code. Epigenetic changes are modifications to DNA that regulate whether genes are turned on or off. These modifications are attached to DNA and do not change the sequence of DNA building blocks. Within the complete set of DNA in a cell (genome), all of the modifications that regulate the activity (expression) of the genes is known as the epigenome.

Because epigenetic changes help determine whether genes are turned on or off, they influence the production of proteins in cells. This regulation helps ensure that each cell produces only proteins that are necessary for its function. For example, proteins that promote bone growth are not produced in muscle cells. Patterns of epigenetic modification vary among individuals, in different tissues within an individual, and even in different cells within a tissue. Environmental influences, such as a person’s diet and exposure to pollutants, can impact the epigenome. Epigenetic modifications can be maintained from cell to cell as cells divide and, in some cases, can be inherited through the generations.

For me personally, I have been using CBD and Delta 8 Hemp Flower to help ease this process mentally. A typical day for me would be listening to the book on the way to work, pondering it over all day and jotting down some notes, then when I get home, lighting up, grabbing my yoga mat and journal and really taking a trip down memory lane in my mind. It has to be one of the best and most uniquely personal experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. Taking the time to re-parent your inner child has releasing effects that I honestly did not even know to expect.

While this direct approach might not be for everyone, I urge those who are ready to truly find joy and healing to start this journey! Even if you take it super slowly, even if your process doesn’t look like mine… just start! Download the book on Audible Kindle or order it on Amazon Here.

If you want to get some hemp to help you with the process, take a look at my wellness shop, Remedee Wellness here. I have all types of hemp and Delta 8 products that can help you to mentally get in the headspace to heal. This is NOT going to be an easy process, and actually there might be a lot of tears for you, but I am telling you as surely as I am breathing, that this stuff WORKS! Making an intentional effort to heal from the generational trauma that you inherited from your previous family members unknowingly will help you to release tension and memories that you have been holding in your body since before you were born.

The Key Takeaways For Starting Epigenetic Healing:

  • Do not expect it to get better overnight. While there will be some releases that can happen pretty quickly, it is important to consider epigenetic work to be like peeling back layers of an onion. You have to keep revisiting certain aspects in order to clear it and heal from it.
  • In fact, in some areas, it might get worse before it gets better. BUT it is worth it to keep on going.
  • You will need a journal to write things down as you go through the book and the process.
  • Having a baseline understanding of your family tree is very helpful. I have a membership to Ancestry which has helped me piece my generational information together because two of my grandparents were actually unknown. If you have access to a grandparent or even a great grand, I highly suggest asking them for an oral history of your family. Write it down, even if you think you will remember, write it all down!
  • Understand that some things that have happened in the course of your family story are going to be very painful and if the people that were directly affected by them are still alive, they might not be ready to deal with the hurt or pain that the event caused. The idea of epigenetics is to release the things from the past that do not belong to YOU. To heal YOURSELF from things that have happened to your family… not to heal your family. While that might be a delightful side effect of your inner work, it should not be the expectation.
  • No one prepared me for the incessant JOY that comes from releasing generational curses and trauma and from reparenting your inner child. In fact, there are going to be groundbreaking, life changing breakthroughs if you come to the healing space with the expectation that you want to rid yourself of what is not yours and dig deep into things that negatively affected your developmental process growing up.
  • Since I have started this journey, I have gotten two menstrual cycles LIKE CLOCKWORK exactly 28 days apart. I have NEVER previously had this happen and I have had my period for almost 20 years. I am not saying that this will happen for everyone that chooses to start this work, but there will likely be major health benefits from working on it! The coincidence is too strong to attribute it to anything else.
  • This is something that can be done regardless of your religious belief system. I encourage you to press into God while going through this process as it did make it easier for me to deal with, but you do not have to.
It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle

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