Coffee Alternatives for PCOS

Recently, I was browsing the aisles at my local health food store in search of something to treat what I think is a kidney infection. I came across one a worker, Gayle, who is also a supplement consultant for the store I was in. After looking up and down for something that was designated to improve kidney function, I finally asked for some help, explaining that I have PCOS and that I think I might also have a kidney infection. She quickly put me onto some really amazing things, stating that she ALSO has PCOS but that hers is the Lean Type rather than the Insulin Resistance Type like I have.

Coffee Alternatives for Women with PCOS? Could it be true?

Her biggest suggestions were Roasted Dandelion Root Tea and Moringa Powder. Women with metabolic disorders tend to pound caffeine in hopes that it will give them more energy, however, it can actually be doing more harm than good. While coffee is a great source of fiber, women with PCOS should be aware of how much they are consuming on a daily basis, as it can drastically affect your adrenal system. As a daily coffee drinker since I was a freshman in high school, I was very skeptical of someone saying I needed to cut back my intake and that I could replace my coffee with Roasted Dandelion Root Tea for similar flavor, but I tried it and its actually really convincing!

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea for PCOS

The brand Teeccnio is REALLY good! I bought the Dandelion Caramel Nut Tea and it really tastes like coffee. I even frothed my creamer that I would normally put in coffee and added a black tea bag to my brew as well (I still need some caffeine) and it was not very different than my usual cup of joe in the morning. If you don’t need the caffeine, you could totally do without the black tea.

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Another option for those that aren’t a fan of caramel flavor from my favorite herbal tea brand, Traditional Medicinals.

What Does Dandelion Root Tea Do For Women With PCOS?

  1. It helps with liver detoxification which helps the body be better able to process your hormones correctly.
  2. It helps to reduce water weight as it is a diuretic.
  3. It’s a great source of potassium.

Who should not use Dandelion Root Tea?

  • Women already on a diuretic
  • Women who are allergic to dandelions or any flower in the dandelion family
  • Women on Cipro

Moringa Powder for PCOS

Moringa is an interesting herb that can be used for many medicinal purposes. It is considered as the “Superfood for Women.” Truly, upon digging into this amazing plant, I can totally see why it’s considered a superfood. While it’s not the tastiest supplement in the world, it really isn’t too bad. She likened it to a more bitter matcha when recommending it to me, but since making a few Moringa Lattes, I think it would be more accurate to liken it to a slightly spicier matcha. This makes sense because it comes from the Drum Tree otherwise known as the Horseradish Tree.

What are the potential benefits of Moringa Powder?

  1. It is anti-inflammatory so this can be used to help manage inflammation in the body including edema which is excess fluid build up in certain areas that can be painful. This also means that it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as well 🙂
  2. It can help protect and detox the liver. For women with PCOS, this is important because a lot of our excess hormones are stored in the liver. It is imperative to take care of our liver and detox it so that our metabolism and reproductive system can continue to run in sync.
  3. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties which means that it can help protect and defend the body from viruses, sickness, and poisoning from salmonella and E. coli.
  4. IT REDUCES THE AMOUNT OF GLUCOSE IN THE BLOOD. For women with the IR type PCOS, this could be a massive game changer!
  5. It can help with anemia as a blood builder.
  6. It can be used to help reduce the effects of asthma on the body.
  7. Anti-spasmodic or used to help reduce muscle spasming.

How To Use Moringa Powder

  1. Add a tablespoon to a smoothie! Moringa

Who Shouldn’t Use Moringa Powder? (Contraindications of Moringa)

  1. People who are already on thyroid medication. According to Medical News Today, “Compounds in the moringa leaf may aid thyroid function, but people should not take it in combination with any other thyroid medication.” According to RXList, please also take this into consideration, “Levothyroxine is used for low thyroid function. Moringa might decrease how much levothyroxine your body absorbs. Taking moringa along with levothyroxine might decrease the effectiveness of levothyroxine. Some brands that contain levothyroxine include Armour Thyroid, Eltroxin, Estre, EuthyroxLevo-TLevothroidLevoxylSynthroidUnithroid, and others.”
  2. People who are on diabetes medication. Moringa works to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, so using both a diabetes medication and moringa might be bad because you do still need a healthy amount of glucose in your blood to help your homeostasis.
  3. People on blood pressure medication that reduces blood pressure. Moringa can lower blood pressure naturally, so it might be dangerous to use both together.
  4. People on medication that is processed through the liver – as it can slow down the processing of medication that is processed through the liver, potentially causing very negative side effects.

One thought on “Coffee Alternatives for PCOS

  1. I always see the moringa tea but never tried it. I’ve used peppermint tea to help with hair loss and hirsutism. Now I drink ginger tea, cinnamon, lemon grass. Spearmint tea is supposed to be good for us as well but sadly I haven’t been able to get my hands on it.


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