PCOS Hair Loss

PCOS Hair Loss in Women

One of the most common issues for women with PCOS is hair loss. While this might seem counter intuitive to the hirusitism, they can actually coexist. I am a personal example of both existing at the same time. It can be devastating for women to pull clumps and chunks of hair out of their head while washing or brushing or even just waking up.

Causes of PCOS Hair Loss

There are a few reasons that this can happen – it’s scientifically called androgenic alopecia, and is considered “Female Pattern Baldness” and for women with PCOS this has to do directly with your hormones. Testosterone to be precise. When testosterone converts to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), it can cause major issues with hair follicles in females. The main idea is that DHT wants to kill hair follicles which is quite problematic in women.

Often times, women with PCOS will get hormone panels done to see what their hormone levels are. It is not unusual for bloodwork to show normal ranges of testosterone, however, even if it’s showing as normal, DHT can still be elevated to the point to cause an issue. There isn’t a specific threshold that is the same across the board that causes hair loss, which is why your testosterone levels can look normal but still be problematic.

There are other causes of female hair loss which can include thyroid and other hormonal issues, so if you are getting all the testing done and still can’t seem to get to the bottom of it, you might want to take your bloodwork to a holistic medicine doctor. Many times, they are able to look at your blood work and do an evaluation and get closer to the root of the issue than traditional medicine docs can. That’s not to say Traditional Docs can’t also get to the root, but because holistic docs look at the WHOLE of a person, it’s less likely for one piece of the intricate puzzle to get glanced over.

PCOS Hair Loss Regrowth

So what’s a woman to do about all of this anyway? You could start expensive hair treatments if you’re financially set up to do so, but many women simply can’t afford it. Here are some options that are less expensive but worth trying:

PCOS Hair Loss Home Remedies

  1. Spearmint

Many people do not care for spearmint or are allergic to it, so be cautious when introducing something new to your regimen. Back in June, I started drinking spearmint tea 2x/day and over the course of three months gradually started to see symptom alleviation. I really burned myself out on the tea when I started back to work, so I just stopped drinking it and my facial hair and hair loss was back but with a VENGACE. I wept every time I would take a shower and pull enough hair off my head to make a wig for a Barbie doll.

I tried to get back into the tea, but it just became so gross to me. This spurred me to look into a solution. The tea worked but I wanted to get it in a way that I couldn’t taste it. I grabbed empty veggie capsules, my coffee grinder, and my usual Traditional Medicinals Spearmint Tea and set to work making my own spearmint caps to take! I take 2-3 every morning and night now and my hair is freaking BACK. My facial hair has slowed down, and I also have lost exactly 10 pounds pounds within the last three weeks.

Here is what you need:

Veggie Capsules

Traditional Medicinals Spearmint Tea

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

2. Make a Rosemary Hair Rinse

Rosemary is said to have many beneficial properties for hair, stimulation as well as regrowth. If you have issues with dandruff, dry or itchy scalp , or even an oily scalp like I previously did, this might be worth giving a try.

To make your own at home, bring two quarts of water to a boil on your stove. Add a bunch of fresh rosemary to the pot and let simmer for a while. The water will turn a little brown as it infuses, but that’s a good thing. It’s going to make your house smell amazing! After it is done infusing, let it cool COMPLETELY. Then after you’ve washed your hair, pour this all over starting at the scalp – you really want to get your scalp, this is the key.

3. Make a Rosemary Hair Oil

You’ll need Rosemary Essential Oil and a carrier oil that works well with your body. I personally do not prefer coconut oil, so I use grapeseed or avocado oil to dilute my essential oil. You can either apply directly to your scalp and massage it in, or you can add rosemary oil to your shampoo, but I don’t recommend putting it straight into the bottle and ALWAYS go lightly with this as rosemary essential oil is very strong. Here are my two favorite ingredients:

PCOS Hair Loss Shampoo

For a while I was using Acure hair care products, but when my symptoms flared up, I changed all of my products again. My favorite at the moment is the Avalon Organics Rosemary Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. You can get the combo on Amazon cheaper than in-store by clicking here. I personally like this shampoo because rosemary is a known herb to help with hair growth and volume.

Destress Your Life

I have been using a mix of methods to help relax myself. CBD and Delta 8 (occasionally as needed) have been super helpful in managing my stress and depression which can lead to hormone imbalance and hair loss. I have my own line of products specially designed for women with PCOS and have gotten some rave reviews! Check out that website HERE and use code “MODSHIP” for free shipping of your first order!




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