The Ultimate PCOS Holiday Wish List 2020: Pandemic Style

With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably starting to get questions about what you would like or if you have a wish list compiled. This can be an especially difficult time for women with PCOS because of holiday food causing flare ups, mixed emotions if you have been ttc, and maybe even prying questions from family members.

It can be super difficult to talk to family and friends about your journey, but this might be a great way to help them get a glimpse into the life of PCOS, how important it is for you to practice self care, and how truly expensive it is to have this condition whether or not you are trying to have a baby.

I have broken down this list based on category for easy browsing! In some cases, you will even see that there are discount codes that I was able to procure to share with you all! Pass this post along to your family and friends!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I might receive a small commission if you purchase a product from one of the links.

Bath and Body Products

This shampoo will change your PCOS hair game entirely! I found it at Whole Foods originally and have been using it religiously on my hair. Because of the adaptogens and supergreens, it has not only been helping with hairloss, it has also made my hair strong and shiny and is totally bringing it back to life! It also does not have harmful chemicals which

This is the companion conditioner for the shampoo mentioned above. I’m noticing that I will probably go through twice the shampoo compared to the conditioner because it doesn’t take as much conditioner when washing your hair.

Since the skin on the scalp absorbs more nutrients than many other parts of the skin, it is important to get your shampoo all the way to the scalp when washing your hair in order to get the max benefits. Also, it is super relaxing to use and helps to get long hair more thoroughly clean!

This loofa offers one side that is a sponge and the other is slightly exfoliating. You can use in the shower with either side depending on the level of exfoliation you are desiring.

My hubby and I have been using this body wash forever! It has a fresh scent and makes your skin feel so good. It’s also antimicrobial which works well for some of the skin conditions he has. In the winter, when we get colds, it helps to open up sinuses too! This would be a great addition to a gift basket of bath related items!

Dry Brush for Skin Care

Dry brushing is amazing for skin care and for stimulating lymphatic movement and drainage. Use over the course of time can also help to reduce cellulite as well. There are tons of amazing videos online about how to use it and best practices! Also, if you use this, make sure you drink a ton of water!

Guasha Facial Stone and Jade Roller

Gua Sha has been around as a skin care routine for many years, but recently has become more popular as a way to naturally achieve flawless and youthfully tones skin. This two pack comes with both! There are really helpful videos on TikTok and YouTube on how you can use these to help reduce puffiness, encourage healing, and promote lymphatic drainage!

Reusable Makeup Removing Pads

This pack comes with 12 reusable pads and a mesh bag to hold them in! You can use on your face with your favorite makeup remover (my favorite is the sprayable one below) and then just toss in to wash with your laundry! These pay for themselves within two months of use!

Thayer’s Witch Hazel and Rose Petal Facial Toning Mist

I am IN LOVE with this spray version of the regular Thayer’s Witch Hazel Facial Toner. I use it on my cleaning pads to remove makeup and also after cleaning my face to add a little toning to my routine before adding my Acure Brightening Serum. I highly recommend this product to those with acne-prone skin and especially to those who are struggling with MASKNE! This helps! A lot of times, I won’t wear face makeup to work so that I can reapply this during the day.

Acure Juice Cleanse Supergreen and Adaptogen Facial Cleanser

Again, Acure knocked this facial cleanser out of the park with the effectiveness, smell, and careful thought! This cleanser is part of my personal daily routine that makes my skin happy!

Acure Brightening Glow Serum

This product is great for helping dull and lifeless skin regain a youthful glow! It contains a number of extremely moisturizing oils that even include some of our seed cycle seeds as well! Use this at night before bed and as a last step before applying makeup in the morning! This is the full sized product, but you can also get a smaller, travel-size rollerball version at Whole Foods if you want to try it before getting the larger version!

Self Care

With the threat of everything shutting down again looming on the horizon, make sure you add these Quarantine Self Care essentials to your holiday wish list!

Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe

This hooded bathrobe will make staying at home this winter the ultimate delight. Especially during quarantine, you’ll want this to cozy up with.

Adult Coloring Book – Set of Three

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to color. It is a great way to relax and untangle your mind after a long day while you listen to music or watch TV. Ask for this set of three adult coloring books to relax and destress.

Hardcover Spiral-Bound Journal with Back Pocket

It is vitally important to your health to have an outlet for your stress, to have a place to muse and ven where no one can judge you and to have a place to be able to look back on to see how far you’ve come during your journey with PCOS and your personal journey in general. Seriously, you are going to want to remember where you started when you find yourself feeling good.

Fineline Pens 18 Pack

These are my personal favorite to color and journal with. They have incredible pigment and are so smooth to write and color with!

Lulu Candles Soy Jar Candle Black Tea and Sage

Women with PCOS definitely have to watch the chemicals that are used in the home and candles are not an exception. This candle is soy-based and comes in a variety of scents! Light your candle while journaling and listening to meditative music in the bathtub. Best night ever!

All Natural Bath Bombs – Pack of Six

These bath bombs are all natural and are made with super moisturizing shea butter. They are also made in America and include healing essential oils and kaolin clay that will leave your skin feeling bomb.

Have you ever considered doing a yoni steam? Otherwise known as a v-cleanse or a vaginal steam, this can be a very healing procedure that is not only restorative for your vaginal health, but also incredibly relaxing. If you have a big pot at home, just ask for the leaves that you can add to your boiling water. My favorite time to use it is the week before I am supposed to start my period because my back tends to get insanely tight. This helps so much to truly relax your core from within. Learn more about vagnial steaming at Soul Vibrance.

This is the steam seat you might want to considering buying if you are new to steaming. It makes it a lot easier to balance and get the right distance from the hot water if you have a seat. This is also great for if you want to make your own herbal blend based on your vagnia’s specific needs. There are a lot or resources online about which herbs and combinations are good for what.

If you are totally new and think it’s something you’d like to try on a consistent basis, you might want to ask for the starter kit. It comes with the steam seat and a packet of herbs to use for your first few steams!

Weighted blankets are incredible tools for people with anxiety! With it’s cool and breathable design, the weight from the blanket can help you to feel secure and achieve a deeper sleep than you are getting now!

Cycle Tracking and Period Supplies

This! This device does the most incredible things for women trying to regain control of the period! Whether or not you are trying to conceive, you NEED to ask for this device for Christmas. It not only is easy to use, but it also is one of the most accurate ways to track you cycles and to confirm ovulation.

I have secured you all a discount code for your purchase (or your loved one’s purchase) of this device by using the code “MODMED20” to get 20% off at checkout! See my video above introducing the device to learn more about it! You can get yours here.

Bonus points to Ovusense for a couple of reasons. First, they were SUPER FAST to get the device shipped to me! Like seriously, it was in my mailbox within three days! Also, when I was getting it set up, I had a few questions and sent an inquiry through their website. Usually with online forms, you rarely get a response back, but Ovusense responded to me within an hour of my inquiry and within a half an hour of my follow up response to their response. I have been so happy with my communication with them and with the device, so I HAD to add it to the wish list!

(Check back occasionally to see my follow up videos on my Ovusense Monitor!)

If digital tracking just isn’t for you, taking it back to the basics might be better for you! I created this printable tracker which is intended to customize to your preference with colors and information! There are spots to track the moon cycle, your personal Cycle Day, Seed Cycling details, BBT and LH levels as well as positive and negative pregnancy tests.

I feel like this one doesn’t even need an explanation – if you have a cycle, you already know!

If you have been wondering what all the hype about Menstrual Cups is, you’ve gotta try it! I spoke with my Gynecologist at my last appointment about the difference between pads, tampons, cups and discs and she highly recommended the cup. Here’s why: if you are a woman that struggles with intense cramps related to your period, this can sit around the cervix without aggravating it or over stimulating it which can cause the uterus to contract and cause cramping. It’s a great alternative to tampons if you’re ready to make the leap! Pixie also donates one cup to women in need for every cup that is purchased!

I have used the Pixie Cup and have found that not only did my cramps lessen, but so did the flow! I’m not saying it will be the answer to all of your problems, but it’s a great start and is way less messy than a pad or a flex disc. Side note: there are a couple of sizes when it comes to menstrual cups. Only you know your vagina and flow, so go with your gut instinct when choosing a size.

These tampons are so amazing and make vaginas happy! They have created their line of tampons to be non-toxic and with 100% organic cotton and no added chemicals. For us ladies with PCOS, this is especially important! I personally like the ones with the plastic applicator for easier use, but they also have cardboard and non-applicator tampons as well!

There are some days when you feel like you just want a pad to use and other days where you might need to use a tampon and pad, if you know what I mean. I have used Lola’s pads and pantiliners and not only are they made from 100% organic cotton, but they also DO NOT MOVE. Especially the pads with the wings. 100% love them!

The really cool thing about Lola is that they offer customizable boxes and subscriptions that you can tailor to your body’s personal needs! Check out their site here.

Workout and Exercise Items

If you are new to working out, yoga, and meditation, the place to start is with a yoga mat! Seriously, I use my mat for everything from dance cardio to body weight training to my nightly meditations. You can even use it with your foam roller! I like this one because it is thick and also from a reputable brand.

Foam rollers are one of my favorite workout tools. Even if you don’t feel like working out, you can use a foam roller to gently condition your muscles and fascia. If you are big into working out, this is also super beneficial to helping reduce lactic acid after a workout! Bonus points because foam rollers help to eliminate cellulite!

Even if you have done yoga before and consider yourself to be a proficient practitioner, one can still benefit from the use of blocks during practice. They help to improve balance, assist in maintaining poses for longer, and getting stretches to go deeper.

AirPods might not be in the budget for this year, but these are a great alternate! They are noise cancelling, wireless, and rechargeable to make your exercise or meditation time laser focused!

Here’s why this is awesome: it fits all phone types, is washable and is non-slip! I used to use an adjustable armband to hold my phone, but found that it was loosening after a while of use. This doesn’t do that! You can also slide a car key down in there as well for safe keeping when on trail runs. It comes in a variety of different patterns and colors as well.

Other Products You’ll Love

This female-owned business is based in Beverly Hills but ships everywhere! Her nail polish is vegan and cruelty free as well as being non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde. I have used their olive green color before and absolutely love it!

They offer individual polishes as well as whole systems and color collections to help you perfect your at-home mani (exactly what you need to keep your quarantine nail game strong!) I got you all a code to get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. Follow this link to get shopping!

This is my favorite vegan protein powder. Not only does it taste amazing, but it has ingredients that help to balance your blood sugar as well! My go to is the Vegan Creamy Chocolate Fudge but I also am excited to try the Peppermint Hot Cocoa as well!

If you want to get 30% off your first purchase, follow this link and use the code “MODMED30” at checkout!

Represent your strength with this cute mug!

Check back for more additions and make sure to share this list with your friends!

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