My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means that at absolutely no additional cost to you, I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using one of my links.

Warning: Long post with tons of unbelieveable dairy-free product selections below. You may want to go ahead and save or bookmark this page to come back to!

Many of you have been asking for this list. There are so many options on the market currently for dairy-free products, but not all of them are good. Prior to becoming totally dairy-free, I was the world’s biggest yogurt eating, ice cream loving, cheesehead. It has taken be a while, but I have finally found products that are amazing and super believable as substitutes for some of our favorite dairy products!


One of the most popular options for dairy free cheese is Daiya, but I am NOT a fan of this cheese, to me, you can tell it isn’t the real thing. This was super disappointing to me at first and somewhat discouraging. Take it from my mistake, don’t go for Daiya. Personally, the BEST most believable option for dairy free cheese is VioLife.

Not only does it TASTE like the real thing, it MELTS like the real thing too! I looked to see if you could find it on Amazon, but it only comes in super bulk. The best place to find it will be your local Whole Foods or Fresh Thyme Market. The other reason that I HIGHLY recommend this brand is because it is free from all of the other allergens that you are probably also looking to avoid like soy, gluten, lactose, and nuts.

In the US, Whole Foods tends to have a bigger selection including the cheddar slices, shreds, parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese, and even feta! I have tried ALL of them and they are incredible! I know many of my readers are also from India, and since this is a primarily Greece-based company, you will likely be able to find it overseas as well! Look at your local whole foods type market.

Protein Powder

I am sure I’m not the only one who has been in the grocery store looking at all of the plant-based protein options feeling overwhelmed. You finally make a selection and then get it home only to be disappointed with the taste and texture. Sometimes, plant-based protein can even be revolting. My favorite is the Orgain Organic Protein. My go-to’s are the Chocolate and Vanilla, but they just released their newest flavor for the Winter “Peppermint Hot Cocoa” which I am SO excited to try! They also have chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate coconut.

I was able to get you guys an amazing deal with Orgain to save you 30% off your first order! If you would like to order, follow this link and make sure you select the “vegan” option in the drop down menu to get to their dairy-free selections. When you go to check out, type in MODMED30 and you will get 30% off your entire first purchase from them!


My personal favorite way to make smoothies with this protein powder is with oatmilk and frozen blueberries. I also seed cycle, so I toss my ground up seeds in there too and blend away. Between the protein powder and the oatmilk, the texture of this smoothie is just as if it included regular milk and protein. It’s truly incredible! If you want to get yours, again, follow this link, select “vegan” and make sure you type in that MODMED30 code to get your discount on your first purchase! No subscription required and no strings attached.


Yogurt can also be a very tricky substitute when it comes to dairy-free. Years ago, the only df options on the store shelves were soy-based products which have a very distinct taste that I don’t really prefer. It also would leave me with a bellyache since I don’t often eat soy products. There are a variety of nutmilk-based products out there now, but which ones are the best? I actually bought and tried all of these options below, scroll down for my front runners.

My top favorites from this group are definitely the Kitehill and the Siggi’s! The So Delicious Coconutmilk is pretty good as an alternate if the store you shop at doesn’t have the first two. From my experience, the Kitehill and the Siggi’s both have the CLOSEST to yogurt texture that I have ever experienced in a non-dairy yogurt. It is thick and creamy, not runny like other dairy alternate yogurts. They also have a very clean taste! I love to throw some granola on top of mine to add a little fiber and crunch as well.

Kitehill has a variety of amazing flavors including vanilla and blueberry limoncello which are my two faves. I also really like their plain unflavored as an alternative for mayo and sour cream. (I used it on top of my tacos and it was very good. I also subbed the mayo in the Big Mac Salad recipe for the plain Kitehill yogurt and you couldn’t tell the difference.)

The Siggi’s yogurt is my other top favorite and I especially love their cinnamon and vanilla flavors. I top it with the Purely Elizabeth granola and it tastes like a donut! No seriously, it does. Bonus, it is totally gluten-free as well!

Coffee Creamer

For my girls who are coffee fanatics, there are few things more precious than that morning cup of joe. The last thing you want is to mess with that flavor your mouth, body, and mind are expecting! Thankfully, there are a few great options on the market currently that can be found on Amazon and at your local Whole Food Market, Fresh Thyme Market, or even Walmart if you shop there.

My first choice, The Califa Farms Oat Barista Blend, I just came across recently and am totally IN LOVE. Here is why I love it: its creamy and adds a depth to coffee that regular oatmilk doesn’t tend to have. The best part is that if you live near a Whole Foods, you can add this to your next grocery delivery!

What I have been doing it pouring some into my milk frother and adding it with a couple of packets of stevia to my morning latte. I have the milk frother that came with this Nespresso (totally love it as well) but here is a good alternate if buying an entire coffee rig is not in your budget currently.

Another incredible substitute is the Nut Pods Brand. I have been seeing it everywhere lately, so I think it might be fairly new to the market. But seriously – PSL’s are what this girl misses the most about being dairy free and this brand has the most convincing substitute that I have had. You can find the Nut Pods Pumpkin Spice on Amazon, at Whole Foods and at Fresh Thyme.

If you don’t have a Whole Foods or Fresh Thyme near you, but have a Walmart, another amazing option is the Silk Brand Half and Half (half oat, half coconut). Even my hubby loves it, and that’s saying something!

Ice Cream

Okay, so you’re probably thinking – there’s no possible ice cream that is as good as a nice big cup of Breyer’s. Many of the brands that offer healthy or dairy free options are honestly like ice milk, hard as a brick with no flavor. The So Delicious Brand has a line of dairy free ice cream that is made from Cashew Milk and let me tell you, you will find nothing else like it! I have found that this ice cream is carried many more places than other dairy free products tend to be, so that was a huge added bonus for me. I have found it at my local grocery, as well as Walmart, Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme also. Again, you can add it to your next Amazon delivery from Whole Foods as well if you’re interested! Here are my top faves:


While chocolate itself is dairy free in it’s purest form, most of the world tends to process it with some type of milk or milk byproduct to help cut the bitterness and give it a creamier and more smooth texture. When you are looking for dairy free chocolate, make sure you look through the whole label as dark chocolate can also contain milk or milk products. A safe bet for baking is the Enjoy Life brand mini chocolate morsels. I also love to toss these in with my seed cycle mixture that I add to my yogurt sometimes for a little added sweetness. They’re also great paired with some fresh raspberries and strawberries in the summertime!

I am constantly testing new brands and products that are dairy free! I will update you all as I have compiled new lists of amazing products! Let me know if you try any of these products below or if I missed one of your faves!

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