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How The Moon Affects Your Period

With the upcoming full moon this weekend, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to discuss the way that our menstrual cycles are related to the Lunar Calendar.

When I first began researching cycles, PCOS and what it all means, one thing I came across often was the mention of the Lunar Calendar in conjunction to our menstrual phases. I was initially very cautious of putting too much thought into this concept because of how much of wicca and the occult attribute to the moon cycles. However, I spent time praying about this, and it does make sense to me that these two things could be attributed.

Specifically since typical Menstruation Cycle is 28-30 days and the Lunar Cycle is also 28-30 days. What it boiled down to for me is that God created both things in his infinite wisdom and with his layers of creation having so many intricacies, why couldn’t they cycle together? Especially if you consider circadian rhythm and how the earth was created to harmoniously flow together. The important thing is that you do some reading and form an opinion based on what you personally believe. My intention with this post is just to present information in a way that makes sense to me.

So you’re saying my cycle and the moon are connected?

Some studies that have been done on the relation of menstrual and lunar cycles have found that the actual mean length of a menstrual cycle tends to be about 29.5 days long from start to finish. They also found that the Lunar cycle tends to be similar in mean at about 29.5 days as well. It’s important to note that this specific study was suggestive, but overall not totally conclusive based on how it was set up.

Additional studies have been done to investigate whether the two cycles are connected, by dividing a group of women into two subgroups. Of these subgroups, one was selected to receive nocturnal illumination, while the other group was not. The group that received night time illumination showed to cycle more closely to the light cycle, while the other group did not cycle as regularly. (2)

Phases of the Moon and Phases of Your Cycle

Since learning about the correlation of lunar cycles to menstruation, I have noticed that many of the women I know tend to ovulate and menstruate around the same times. While there is no right or wrong way to menstruate, I think the correlation is super fascinating.

New Moon Phase (White Moon Cycle)

In another study of 826 females, approximately 28% were found to menstruate on or near the New Moon. This is the most common cycle to sync with because it is the natural flow of the Earth and it’s fertility and the polarities of the universe. Women who flow with this moon cycle are at their brightest and most fertile with the new moon since they are synced with the fertility of the Earth.

Full Moon Phase (Red Moon Cycle)

It is less common for women to be in sync with this cycle, but many women do flow with this cycle! There is nothing wrong with flowing with this phase. Women who flow with this cycle are often seen as healers, empaths, and who others go to for support. However, it is less also associated with women being less fertile since it goes against the flow of the Earth’s fertility.

What if I am not cycling with either of these moon phases?

There is nothing wrong with you if you are not synced up to either of these cycles, it probably just means that you are in a transition phase in your life. There is such thing as a “Pink Moon” cycle which is when you ovulate with the waning moon, and bleed with the waxing moon.

What can I do to change my Moon Cycle Phase?

If you would like to try to change your cycle phase, you can! Some things you can try would be lowering your stress, working on menstruation irregularities (with PCOS this can be a myriad of issues, so the sooner you are able to get to the bottom of the root of your PCOS, the sooner you will be able to work on changing your moon phase cycle). You can also connect with nature to get in tune to the natural flow of the Earth. Personally, I love hiking, camping, and doing yoga outside/in the park to reconnect when I am feeling disconnected. If you’re interested in listening to a great short book on the healing benefits of spending time in mother nature, check out The Three Day Effect by Florence Williams on Audible.



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