Excess Hair Growth and PCOS

One of the most common and embarrassing aspects of PCOS is the hirusitism or excess hair growth on the body. Often, it will present on the face in the mustache and under chin areas, side burns, and even eyebrow areas. The cause of this can be linked to the excess androgen, testosterone that is often produces in surplus in the female body.

While there are mitigation strategies that are topical, which we will address later on, it is important to take a look at the cause of these issues. It all begins with gut health and a healthy gut microbiome. Women with PCOS often face inflammation of the gut, which is related to insulin resistance, inflammation of the ovaries which doesn’t allow for ovulation, which then leads to a lack of progesterone, and the overabundance of testosterone in the body. This can be stored in fat and is present in the blood. In order to attack this aspect of PCOS, it’s important to begin in the gut.

Pre and Probiotics as well as Spearmint Tea have been shown to help women with PCOS to reduce their overall free testosterone which, over time can lead to a decrease in facial hair. It took about two months on my newest regimen to see a notable difference, but it IS working! I now wax once a month rather than weekly, and I only have to pluck once to twice a week just to clean up the little stubbles.

Here are the supplements I use:

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission from your purchase of these products at absolutely no additional cost to you!

Here is the wax and tweezers I love:


A lot of women face cystic acne, and sometimes waxing can make this worse. I have found that the best way to reduce this from happening post-wax, is to follow up with a cotton pad and this witch hazel. I also would wax at a time that you don’t have to put makeup on directly after to give your skin some time to cool down after waxing.

What are some of your strategies for reducing facial hair?

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